Major Update On WWE PPV Payoffs, Wrestlemania Paydays, Recent PPVs Way Down

Some insight on how the Network is affecting payouts…

A major question mark for WWE in the new era of WWE Network PPVs is how payoffs for major shows would work. In the past, the success of the PPV at the gate and purchases via cable and satelite controlled how much each wrestler would be paid for the event.

The lack of transparency about how payoffs would be handled are among the rumored reasons that CM Punk left WWE earlier this year.

It’s said that the payoffs for Wrestlemania 30 were about as expected. This could be, however, because the actual PPV buys for the event were still very high at almost 700,000 buys (690,000).

Since Mania, the PPV buy numbers have been super small, as almost all regular PPV viewers have signed up for the network. This leaves the payout situation as muddled as ever. Big stars and legacy stars usually get a guaranteed amount of money for the shows they work. Brock Lesnar has a guaranteed money deal, and does whatever he is asked for that payout. Other legacy stars, such as Hogan, Rock and Austin, also get a flat fee. For the rest of the roster, the payoff is still subjective and thus at the mercy of the WWE Network.

Recently, Dave Batista had some interesting statements regarding payoffs on an appearance on the LAW radio show:
From the talent’s perspective, that’s a tough question because I could put myself in a politically incorrect spot. As of this moment, with the WWE Network losing money, I don’t think the talent is benefitting the way they should.

This is consistent with what has been said previously, and also could be a factor for Batista being somewhat unhappy with his return run thusfar.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter