Once Upon A Time Spoilers: News On Regina/Marian/Robin Hood Love Triangle, Update On Belle’s Mother

Many Once Upon A Time fans expect there to be a development of the Regina/Robin Hood/Marian love triangle in the upcoming fourth season of the show, but that might not necessarily be the case.

TVLine recently caught up with executive producer Adam Horowitz who didn’t confirm that the love triangle would be explored.

“Hopefully it becomes less about the relationship itself and more about Regina [and] open[s] the door to who she is and what she’s going to become.”

Horowitz also opened up about the debut of Belle’s mother who will first appear in an Episode 6 flashback. He described her as “a strong-willed woman” who, like her daughter, will carry herself with grace at all times. They would also like to cast the role for someone with a European accent.


Source: TVLine.com