Resurrection Spoilers: Series Creator Says There Will Be Poignant Differences Between First & Second Season, More Answers Expected In Sophomore Run

Now that many of Resurrection‘s mysteries have been uncovered, many fans are wondering what will change when the show returns for its second season.

TVLine recently caught up with the series creator, Aaron Zelman, who offered this sneak peek for what to expect:

“In Season 1, so much happens so quickly – it was eight or nine days – so it was very reactive. Whereas Season 2 is a bit more, ‘OK, this is the new reality — now how do we live with this? What does it mean that people can come back? And what does it mean that people who came back can disappear?’ What does it mean for doctors like Maggie to treat people who are terminal knowing maybe they’re not terminal? It throws everything on its head. You’re going to see a lot more characters dealing with that new reality.”