UFC Ready To Book Welterweight Match Between Tyron Woodley & Hector Lombard… Problem Is Woodley Hasn’t Said Yes

UFC President Dana White says that the company is ready to confirm a fight between Tyron Woodley (4-2) and Hector Lombard (3-2). The only problem is that Woodley hasn’t said yes yet.

In an interview with UFC.com, White confirmed that the promotion wants the match to happen and is just trying to figure out the best date for it. While Lombard has given a green light to the fight, Woodley, who knocked out Dong Hyun Kim this past Saturday at UFC Fight Night 48 is still an unknown.

Woodley called out Matt Brown earlier this week and said that he wasn’t interested in a no-stakes match against Lombard.

“What’s weird about that is that Woodley calls out Matt Brown, but he’s ranked higher than Matt Brown,” White said. “But we want to do Tyron Woodley vs. Hector Lombard – that’s the fight we want to do.

“Hector said yes, we’re just waiting to hear from Woodley. Lombard said he would fight him, no problem.”

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Source: MMAJunkie.com