CB’s Slant: My Plan for Dean Ambrose When He Returns to WWE … and It’s a Big One

When Dean Ambrose returns to WWE, he is obviously going to come back and resume his feud with Seth Rollins. With that said, I’ve come up with a plan for Ambrose vs. Rollins that I believe would really ramp things up to another level and make them both look good in the process.

The plan I have is for Dean Ambrose to come back and for the first week or two, he does the usual revenge angle.

After one or two weeks of Ambrose getting the upper hand, Rollins begs The Authority to make him pay. This time, however, while The Authority is planning what to do, Paul Heyman enters the scene and volunteers the services of Brock Lesnar to take on Ambrose himself either at Raw or the next PPV.

Brock and Heyman then proceed to take Ambrose lightly, treating their match as an afterthought. When the match occurs, Ambrose ends up putting up the fight of his life, taking Brock’s best punches and countering with a vicious attack of his own.

The match goes on way longer than Brock and Heyman thought it would, and in the end Ambrose wears out Lesnar and comes within a hair of winning the match.

A battered Brock raises his hand in victory and The Authority comes out to celebrate. However, Seth Rollins sees Brock in the condition he’s in and decides to blindside him and then cash in the briefcase. Rollins then pins Brock Lesnar to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with the ultimate irony being that Ambrose was the one who did all of the work.

From there, you can do any number of things to continue this story that can raise the stakes for Ambrose and Rollins while also incorporating Lesnar when he’s around on his limited dates.

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