Interesting Change In TNA Taping Schedule

TNA previously changed a series of house shows into PPV tapings. The shows, scheduled for September 5, 6 and 7, had full cards

In a small change, TNA will be keeping the 5th and 6th as PPV tapings, but will now be using the Sept 7 taping for Impact TV. This is notable for several reasons, including that TNA Champion Bobby Lashley is not booked for those shows due to his MMA Bellator fight.

The next set of tapings, from 9/16/2014 to 9/19/2014 in Bethlehem PA will also be for Impact. TNA got a great deal to run in Bethlehem, because as a casino area, the arena was happy to have extra foot traffic coming through. This saves TNA from having to take in and around Bound for Glory in Japan, as that would very costly. The Manhattan Center is also very expensive, but was considered worth it to try to make TNA TV hot for a TV renewal.

These tapings are expected to complete Impact TV results through the end of November. This is curious because Bound For Glory 2014 is scheduled for October and thus the tapings could spoil things that happen at Bound for Glory. However, TNA now believes that no matter how far in advance they tape, it doesn’t have a negative effect on ratings. In fact, ratings were moving upward until the move to Wednesdays, which will be a setback

It will be interesting to see how TNA approaches the TV tapings, with almost nothing announced yet for Bound for Glory, and having to have tapings that air after as well.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter