Stone Cold Steve Austin Prefers Reality TV, Tough Enough Season 2 Canceled Due To Budget Cuts


Stone Cold Steve Austin recently said that he prefers doing reality TV to acting in movies. While he would be open to doing another movie if the opportunity came his way, he is not actively seeking out movie roles and is “done” with auditions.

Austin was also said to be involved with a second season of a revamped Tough Enough. This was set to be original programming that would appear on the WWE Network. The show was set to begin taping in July, but it was postponed and had its budget slashed. At the last minute, the entire project was scrapped, and is now on hiatus.

There is talk of doing a taping for a new season of Tough Enough this fall instead, but there is nothing official. There has no new taping scheduled, and no timeframe for anything happening. It’s believed to be an idea that could re-appear as programming for the WWE Network, but as things stand, its not happening as budgets are lower than expected.

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