TNA News: Bobby Lashley Status,Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards Contract Update

Bobby Lashley is not only the current TNA World Champion, but he is scheduled for a Mixed Martial Arts fight with Bellator for the first weekend in September. As a result, Lashely will not be appearing on the September 5, 6, and 7th shows, which are a mix of PPV tapings and Impact TV. It’s possible he could fly in for the 7th, as that is for Impact TV, and it will be hard to book around having no champion on several TV shows.

Davey Richards broke his leg earlier this summer, and his rehab is said to be going very well. Richards, along with Eddie Edwards, is only under TNA contract until the end of 2014. It’s believed that TNA has an option to roll the contracts over into 2015, but with the company’s tenuous nature, it’s unclear whether they would exercise that option.

Both were turned down by WWE Developmental before signing with TNA, and while they could get a second look, a WWE run is not considered likely. Ring of Honor is overloaded at its current state and its own budget limitations, but Edwards is welcome to come back. Richards left Ring of Honor on bad terms in the past, but in wrestling, nothing is considered final.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter