Arrow Spoilers: Details On Ra’s al Ghul Joining Season 3, Stephen Amell Comments On Addition Of More DC Comic Characters

One of the most noteworthy items of Arrow‘s third season is the addition of the legendary Ra’s al Ghul, one of the biggest villains in the comics. At a Fan Expo Canada panel in Toronto over the weekend, Stephen Amell discussed the character and the potential for new DC characters to be added along the way.

“We have Ra’s al Ghul coming in Season 3 of Arrow. The reaction at San Diego Comic Con when they heard his name and they saw that introduction and the teaser was the greatest reaction that I have ever heard in my entire life. It wasn’t a cheer. It was more like whoooooooa! It was really cool. It was like something you would hear when there was a huge dunk in traffic or something,” Amell said. “What DC is allowing us to do in an on-going basis on the show is incredibly rewarding because we have given them two seasons. The results have been really good and they are giving us great characters.”