10 Thoughts On… The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story Review

1. While the movie is currently being destroyed, I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it wasn’t meant to destroy the legacy of Saved By The Bell, but offer a glimpse into what was really happening.

2. The parallels between the movie and the actual show were not lost on anyone. While I thought some of the ‘new’ cast did a good job, the acting by the others was bad. I do believe that this was done intentionally.

3. While others have attacked Dustin Diamond for going after the cast, I actually thought he was quite respectful and really didn’t go over the line in any of his portrayals.

4. How shocked were you when the producers picked Tiffani Amber Thiessen over Jennie Garth for the role of Kelly Kapowski?

5. The line Dustin Diamond had about “getting drunk and laid” certainly seemed out of place didn’t it?

6. The best part of the movie? Easily when the new Jessie recreated the old Jessie’s “I am so excited! I am so excited! I am so… scared!” line. The most memorable line of the entire series.

7. Screech being blackmailed by a videotape was interesting considering the sex tape he released years after the show was made.

8. I was fascinated by the Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies relationship. Were you?

9. The actors who played Dennis Haskins and A.C. Slater were spot-on.

10. I found myself reminiscing about how much I loved the show instead of reveling in the scandal that surrounded it.

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