Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Recounts Landing First Major Role On Private Practice & Tells Funny Story About Meeting Shonda Rhimes

Prior to being one of the most recognizable faces on TV today, Stephen Amell was just looking for his first big break on TV.

After going on many auditions, he tried out for a major role on Private Practice. In a recent panel at Fan Expo Canada, he discussed what happened after he got a callback with Grey’s Anatomy mastermind Shonda Rhimes.

“So I walk into the meeting, super nervous. I have been to anything like this. Just auditions. And about 10 minutes into the meeting, she [Shonda Rhimes] says ‘so are you excited?’ And I go… ‘for what?’ And she says ‘…for the job, for being on the show….’ So I say ‘do I have the job?!’ And she goes ‘oh yeahhhh. We just wanted to meet you and make sure you weren’t an a**hole.'”