Blu-ray Review: Ginger Snaps (Collector’s Edition)

Puberty is a confusing time for a teenager. Their bodies are changing. Their body chemistry is altering their emotions and attitudes. Their getting hair in strange places. One of the Fitzgerald sisters is about to go into puberty overdrive during Ginger Snaps. The Canadian film from 2000 has built up a major cult following on cable TV after a rather disappointing theatrical release. Now fans can truly enjoy the movie thanks to the Blu-ray release of Ginger Snaps: Collector’s Edition.

The Fitzgerald sisters were goth before goth was uncool. Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and Bridget (Emily Perkins) have a morbid view of life. The duo have a lot of fun taking pictures of each other in gory poses. They aren’t impressed growing up in a Canadian suburb. Their mother (The Rapture‘s Mimi Rogers) isn’t so excited that her little girls are obsessed with how gruesome their fates will be. Ginger is no longer her little girl since she finally has her first period. Before this story can be the usual tender coming of age tale, Ginger and Bridget get attack by a strange hairy creature. This is the same beast that’s been killing the dog. Ginger gets a bite which makes her start changing in ways that startle Bridget. Ginger thinks her sister is overreacting. This is just part of growing up to her. Although she quickly goes from being repressive to being the class vamp. She wants a boy bad and isn’t going to wait to do things right. Bridget won’t back down in thinking something is wrong. She swears her sister is turning into a werewolf. She does her best to find a solution that will make them sweet lovable sisters once more. But can she really contain the beast inside Ginger?

Ginger Snaps works because there’s an amazing bond between Isabelle and Perkins on the screen. They really come off as sisters. Perkins nails the worried look when her sister starts showing signs of being a supernatural creature. Her face is a perfect canvas for teen angst and concern. Isabella likewise pulls off the transition from high school outcast to temptress to hairy maneater. The movie dwells within the same horror atmosphere of Heathers and The Craft. Director John Fawcett and screenwriter Karen Walter would go on to collaborate on BBCAmerica’s hit Orphan Black. There was a lot of talent that makes Ginger Snaps crack on the screen. While the movie wasn’t a hit straight out of the box, it’s quality scares keeps its cult growing.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The high resolution transfer allows you to see all the hairy details. The audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0. The 5.1 mix has a rich sound. The movie is subtitled.

DVD contains all the stuff on the Blu-ray at a lower resolution.

Audio Commentaries are provide by both director John Fawcett and writer Karen Walton. It is interesting to hear how they both approach describing the film.

Deleted Scenes (25:07) include separate commentaries from Walton and Fawcett explaining why they mattered and why they were cut.

The Making of Ginger Snaps (4:51) is the electronic media kit.

Cast Auditions and Rehearsals (17:45) includes both actresses trying out for the sisterly roles.

Creation of the Beast (4:59) explores Paul Lewis’ make-up effects.

Being John Fawcett (1:59) turns the camera on the director.

Ginger Snaps: Blood, Teeth and Fur (66:35) is a documentary about the movie with There’s talk of how HBO’s numerous showings helped build a loyal cult audience.

Growing Pain: Puberty in Horror Films (27:09) has women discussing Ginger Snaps and other films when they involve female characters coming of age.

Ginger Snaps: Collector’s Edition should turn any causal viewer into a rabid fan. The bonus features and the high resolution brings out the detail of a hairy time in high school.

Scream Factory presents Ginger Snaps: Collector’s Edition. Directed by: John Fawcett. Screenplay by: Karen Walton. Starring: Emily Perkins, Katherine Isabelle and Mimi Rogers. Rated: Unrated. Boxset Contents: 1 Blu-ray & 1 DVD. Released: July 22, 2014.

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