JR Blog: Sting/Undertaker Thoughts, John Cena Character Change, Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman

Jim Ross had a pre-Raw blog, here are some highlights.

on Sting/Undertaker
We have had amazing success in the podcast world as of late with the Sting podcast being downloaded well over a million times which should bell any one doing market research that the wrestling public, in a large part, want to see the Stinger in a WWE ring. I’m still of the mindset that Sting only needs to do one match, a retirement match vs. The Undertaker at WM31 of which Taker wins and then faces the WWE Champion at WM32 in a title vs. retirement match in AT&T Stadium aka Jerry’s World in Arlington, Texas. Taker wins that one too and then retires the next night on RAW leaving the WWE Title vacant which would see a tournament utilized to determine the new champion.

on John Cena
Regarding Cena, I’d love to see him begin to have a mat metamorphous as he prepares to go to battle with Brock again. That could come in the form of dead serious promos, ring attire tweaks, in ring actions which could be as simple as getting himself disqualified by physically abusing a referee or even confronting his biggest ally Michael Cole. A sit down with Cole and Cena with Cena going off would get fan’s attention.

I do feel that a change in Cena’s persona leading into NOC is needed and to not do something would be a mistake.

on Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
WWE getting in rarified air with the combo of @BrockLesnar and @HeymanHustle…they are almost too damn good to boo. I suggested on the Ross Report that if a significantly developed fan favorite can’t be on the radar by the Royal Rumble that it could be that Lesnar/Heyman could go into WM31 as more than quasi, fan favorites. This is going to depend on how wisely/strategically the pair is booked. There is no magic formula on how or when a new hero can be developed, specifically speaking of when Roman Reigns will be ready to assume the leading man role.

The full blog entry is up now on JR’s BBQ

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