News On Vince McMahon/Triple H Backstage Thoughts On Cesaro, Big E, Rusev

What are the current booking thoughts for some WWE mid carders?


Both on-air and off, Triple H is one of the most powerful people backstage at WWE, and is at times in charge of major creative decisions. At the end of the day, the final say is still with Vince McMahon.

While they might not disagree on the push of Roman Reigns for 2015, there are areas where Vince McMahon and Triple H disagree.

The most prominent area is on the push of Cesaro. Triple H is said to be a huge fan of Cesaro as a wrestler and how he holds himself. Vince, however, doesn’t see Cesaro as a top star and has resisted the idea of pushing him to the top. Interestingly, John Cena is also a big fan of Cesaro, as both are said to have common interests.

Who does Vince McMahon support? Until recently, a huge favorite of Vince was Big E Langston. Vince believed that Big E could be a huge powerlifting babyface. In recent weeks, Vince has cooled on Big E, and has moved onto to huge support for Rusev.

While at the face it doesn’t appear like they would be in the same spot, it’s more a matter of each being a thick body builder type.

Vince is reportedly very into the huge monster heel push of Rusev, and all storylines involving Rusev are designed to keep him strong, as per Vince himself. The plan appears to be to keep Rusev undefeated (or at least not pinned or submitted) until Wrestlemania 31, where John Cena or another top babyface would try to stop him.

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Source: Wade Keller Hotline, PW Torch