Rory MacDonald Says Random Fan Has Been Picking His Entrance Music After Cell Phone Snafu


So maybe Rory MacDonald does have taste.

Welterweight fighter Rory MacDonald says that he only recently began picking his own entrance music, although this decision was not by choice.

“I moved from Pomona to Montreal and I changed my phone number. The person who got my old number – the person who was dealing with the walkout music, his name is Jason,” MacDonald explained, “he doesn’t just do walkout music, but he was the one contacting me. He didn’t get my new number.

“He had my old one and he texted, ‘Hey Rory, what’s your next entrance music?’ This guy apparently pretended to be me because he knew who I was and he was picking my entrance music. I was like, ‘Every time I come out to fight, I’m like why the hell is this playing? I didn’t pick this.’ It was so weird.”

While the fighter says it never affected his in-ring performance, it certainly was off-putting.

“Not that I really cared. It’s not the biggest deal for me. It’s just music, you know. Whatever. I was kind of frustrated. It was weird. Joe Rogan was making fun of me for my music. I’m like, ‘Aw man, this sucks a little bit.'”

The jig was finally up with MacDonald met with the sound technician and told him that he never picked Nickelback to enter to. When Jason showed him the text where he said that he did want the Canadian band to play, MacDonald informed him that he had been texting the wrong number.

“‘I said, ‘Dude, that’s my old number. Who are you talking to?’ So he calls the guy and is like, ‘Dude, this is not Rory MacDonald. You’re faking.’ He’s like,’ Oh yeah, I’m just a fan. I was just pretending.'”

The Canadian only started picking his own music at UFC 145.