Arrow Spoilers: Stephen Amell Confirms That Arrow‘s Third Season Is “The Hong Kong Chapter,” Entire Flashback Episodes Planned

While we will see Oliver Queen back on the island in Arrow‘s third season, the show is ready to take on a completely different look in its next season.

Speaking to fans at Fan Expo Canada, Stephen Amell revealed that entire flashback episodes have already been filmed and that the majority of the season will revolve around his character’s time in the East.

“Oliver eventually ends up back on the island, but our third season is very much the Hong Kong chapter of the show. It’s really cool,” Amell said. “It adds a different element to the show. It makes my life a little bit easier because now we don’t have to actually film in sequences. The wig is bad, but it’s not as bad! It’s still pretty bad. I am really enjoying it so far. We have shot five episodes now, but of those five episodes, three episodes are my flashbacks which is another wrinkle for the show. Last year, we had a Diggle-centric episode. The suicide squad. We got to see Diggle’s backstory and that’s what people realize. It doesn’t always have to be Oliver’s flashback. As a result, when we do do a flashback story, it’s no longer filler. It’s all really important, crucial stuff.”