Ben Askren Continues To Draw Heat In Feud With Dana White, Rips UFC President’s Handling Of Renan Barao & UFC 177

If Ben Askren does sign with the UFC, here’s hoping everything will be forgiven and forgotten because the fighter continues to publicly berate his potential new employer.

While the feud between Akren and White is well known, the OneFC fighter took things to new heights when he recently criticized the UFC President for his treatment of Renan Barao’s mishandled weight cut.

“Even last weekend, Barao, did he make a misake? Yeah, he blew it,” said Askren. “He freakin’ blew it, big time. He probably shouldn’t be at 135 pounds. But the way Dana just threw him under the bus like he was a piece of garbage. Where was some human decency there? I think we’ve seen it time after time with Dana. And so I think at the end of the day he cares about his bottom line a lot and he doesn’t care enough about the athletes.”

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