Bobby Lashley Says He Should Have Never Signed With Strikeforce

Bobby Lashley regrets signing with Strikeforce and realizes that his new deal with Bellator is likely his final stand in MMA.

“I want to swing for the fences and go after some of the bigger names,” Lashley told MMAjunkie. “This is my last run, so I don’t want to make it gradual. Some of these next few fights, there’s some guys I really want to get in the cage with.”

Lashley’s career was clearly impacted by the meteoric rise of Brock Lesnar who also made the jump from the WWE to MMA. The hype around Lesnar affected the expectations placed on Lashley.

The fighter says that he wished he had never signed with Strikeforce.

“I didn’t have to (sign with Strikeforce), and I wish I didn’t do it,” Lashley said. “I don’t think there are too many fighters who started their career and went straight to a major promotion like I did. It’s a double-edged sword.

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