Original Sin #8 Spoilers & Review: Who Killed The Watcher Revealed & What’s Next For Marvel’s Avengers Now?

Original Sin #8 hit stands today and you’ve already seen the explosive preview for Original Sin #8. Before I get into the spoilers and capsule review for Original Sin #8, the below gets you caught up.

Spoilers follow for events leading up to this week’s Original Sin #8. You have been warned!

What’s happened so far:

Ok, you’re ready now for…

Spoilers and capsule for Original Sin #8 follow.

As with the previous issue, the most interesting parts of the issue are the flashbacks to what happened on the moon. It chronicles the events that led to The Watcher’s maiming and seeming death. And, it looks like we know how the killer is, but he may not have been fully responsible.

So, it looks the Watcher Uatu orchestrated his own death at Nick Fury Sr.’s hands; death-by-cop sorta.

In the modern-day sequences, we see Nick Fury use one of the Watcher’s eyes to seemingly destroy himself and Dr. Midas. The other eye of the Watcher bonds with the Orb; its own in the middle of the character’s chest. So, while I’ve said before that I can’t take a villain with an eye for a head seriously, but not sure he gets any more credibility with one of the Watcher’s eye as his new uni-breast.

Despite seeming to die with Dr. Midas due to the explosion of the Watcher’s other eye, Nick Fury Sr. lives on as the Unseen seemingly taking the Watcher’s place as a clichéd figure in chains.

Overall, Original Sin #8 ends this event series as it began; a jumbled mess I’m sorry to say. It seems to have had the dual purpose of (1) taking Nick Fury Sr. off the table so his black son could be THE Fury of the main Marvel Universe as he is in the Avengers films, and (2) setting up new Marvel series as part of the Avengers Now publishing initiative. Great art by Mike Deodato, but a unfulfilling story by Jason Aaron.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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