Gilbert Melendez Admits To Using Nate Diaz’s Presence To Throw Off Anthony Pettis

Gilbert Melendez doesn’t really understand why Anthony Pettis keeps bringing up Nate Diaz in their pre-fight trash talk and feels like his opponent should just worry about the match at hand.

In the leadup to TUF’s 20th season, Pettis has seemed more concerned with Diaz than Melendez, his opposing coach on the show and title contender on Dec. 6.

“I don’t even know why he keeps bringing Nate up,” Melendez said. “He had six weeks to say something to Nate too, and he didn’t, so I don’t know what he was talking about. It’s like when a girl is all ‘she didn’t say hi to me.’ Well, did you say hi to her? That’s just garbage.”

Melendez did say that bringing Diaz on the show was meant to throw Pettis off his game.

“I had Nate Diaz on the show and the intimidation factor is there,” Melendez said. “Heavyweights are afraid of Nate Diaz. They’re like ‘oh s—,’ you know what I mean? I brought Nate out there for that. I brought Nate out, he brought 10 dudes. … Even though the contract said you should only bring four people. He had 10 people, I was like, ‘ahh, I didn’t get the memo.’ But those things tend to happen on his side.”

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