Charles Oliveira Blames Viral Infection For Missing Weight Against Nik Lentz

Charles Oliveira claims that there is a good reason as to why he didn’t make weight for his upcoming fight against Nik Lentz at tonight’s UFC Fight Night 50 and says it is because he was diagnosed with a serious illness.

Oliveira came it at 150 pounds, four pounds over the 146 max for featherweight clashes. As a result, Oliveira forfeits 20 percent of his money to Lentz.

“I was sick for the past week in Brazil, and I was pretty bad when I got to the United States,” Oliveira told after the weigh-ins. “I couldn’t cut weight, and I’m not feeling well to cut weight, so that’s why I missed weight. I had high fever, headache. I think it was a viral infection. But I was the one who asked for this fight, so I couldn’t withdraw.”

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