10 Thoughts On… The Leftovers – Season Finale Review

1. While The Leftovers season finale teased Nora committing suicide, they luckily didn’t go through with it as her loss to the show would have been insurmountable.

2. The episode was a stunning piece of art and was the perfect conclusion to one of the best full seasons of a series that I have ever seen. Instead of pandering to its audience and providing immediate answers as to where the taken are, the show continued to ask more questions as it examined what being alive truly means. The thought-provoking finale did exactly what it and all good season finales are supposed to do. Leave us wanting more.

3. Is there any part of you that wants everyone to join the Guilty Remnant? I find that every character who joins the cult ends up adding significant layers to their character. It started with Liv Tyler’s Meg Abbott. Then it carried on for Margaret Qualley’s Jill Garvey this week. It has gotten to the point where I am actually hoping EVERYONE joins the GR.

4. I thought that Wayne’s untimely demise could have been handled better. For all of the powers that he seemingly possessed, to see him slumped over in a bathroom stall was a little disappointing. The only way this is salvageable is if his granting of Kevin’s wish will be the focal point of the show’s next season.

5. How creepy were those mannequins?

6. Kevin Garvey must be a pretty terrible police chief as this is the second time that the Guilty Remnant have been able to break into people’s homes (with the aforementioned mannequins no less) with literally no ramifications.

7. What the hell is in that National Geographic magazine?

8. Do you find yourself smoking while watching the show? If not, does it make you want to?

9. I am not a big fan of introducing a baby onto the show. I think things were working well so far and the last thing I want is to see Nora’s vulnerable side. I prefer seeing her as a strong female lead.

10. I don’t know how the show’s second season will be able to top this one.