Bachelor In Paradise News: Jesse Kovacs Issues Apology For His Behavior

Jesse Kovacs has taken the high road and after last week’s brutal episode where he openly talked about hooking up with Christy and Lucy, the ex-Bachelor In Paradise contestant has issued an apology.

The sentiment of sorrow was delivered to OK! Magazine and the following is a partial transcript of Kovacs’ regretful statement:

I’ll start by saying, I’m in no shape to try and defend myself. Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was brutal. I come off looking pretty bad and I only have myself to blame. I want to apologize to Christy. She didn’t deserve to be called a dumb blond and she should be upset with how she was treated. I made mindless statements about her and I feel like an asshole.

Most people I’ve met who have received a bad edit on these shows always try to blame the producers and back-peddle on statements they made. The reality is we all signed up for this and to be mad at how I was portrayed would be silly. Did things get cut and pasted in the editing room? Of course, but all the things that were said, regardless of context, were said.

I had some pretty awful comments on social media and the one that stood out the most to me was, “@jesseakovacs sorry, but I cant decide what’s worse. My daughter dating you or my son being you.” I talked to my Mom this morning and she laughed because she understands this is entertainment and the goal for ABC and the producers is to create a show that leaves an audience no choice but to become emotionally invested in the characters. I’ve found that in doing so the audience feels like they know the characters personally, which can be scary. Again, we all signed up for this and I absolutely understand why people are reacting the way they are.

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