My Thoughts: WWE RAW 9.8.14 (Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Roman Reigns)

WWE Raw Header - 2014


1. Smart idea to begin your “season premiere” with Bray Wyatt versus Chris Jericho in a steel cage. It’s rare to kick off RAW with a match so starting off with a steel cage match should be a big deal. AND THE 43 YEAR OLD CHRIS JERICHO JUST JUMPED FROM THE TOP OF STEEL CAGE! And yet I don’t think there’s anything Jericho can do at this stage of his career where he could be considered one of the greatest performers of all-time. He deserves it but it won’t happen. A great match to kick off RAW. A great way to write Jericho off of TV and another great moment to bolster Bray Wyatt back into the upper-midcard/main event scene.

2. DAMMIT! Why couldn’t Rosa Mendes’ wardrobe malfunction happen tonight?! As my wife said, “At least she has a nice butt. It could have been a flat ass like Summer Rae.” Yup, straight from a woman’s mouth. I love her.

3. Good call having John Cena come to the ring with Paul Heyman. If Brock Lesnar’s not going to be on RAW, there has to be some sort of confrontation between Heyman and Cena. And did Cena write Paul Heyman’s rap? That sure as hell sounded like something 2004 John Cena would have let loose. Still, that was a damn good promo from John Cena and probably the most emotional promo I’ve seen from him in a long time. Him and Heyman have had to carry this feud through the absence of Lesnar but if Lesnar’s storylines have to be carried by Heyman & Lesnar’s opponent every month, the television product is definitely going to suffer.

4. NXT on RAW?!?!? FANTASTIC! I have a feeling these four guys REALLY impressed with their one shot on RAW. Great match and an amazing showcase for these great athletes.

5. Did Jerry Springer legitimately just sprain his ankle on RAW? He did curl into a ball awfully quick but I doubt they would have stayed on him getting medical treatment if he was seriously hurt. Plus, what the hell was the point of this segment when you held the exact same one last week? Sigh…

6. I don’t know who the Bunny is but that was a damn good superkick. One that I’ve seen Dolph Ziggler deliver but I seriously doubt they would reveal Ziggler as the Bunny.

7. A good show with a very good main event and angle to close the show. Unfortunately I definitely found myself checking my watch more than once when we hit the 3rd hour. Which sucks considering how hard Reigns, Orton and Rollins worked to close out the show. There was just too much on this show that could have been shortened or eliminated completely. It was just another show to fall victim to the 3-hour format.

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