10 Thoughts On… Sons Of Anarchy Season Premiere Review

1. This episode was primarily dedicated to reminding us about the violence exhibited by both Jax and Gemma Teller. Jax was particularly gruesome in both the opening and closing scenes of the premiere and it is clear that Kurt Sutter wanted to remind fans of the series that this isn’t the idealistic VP that we remembered from the first season.

2. While many of the scenes in the episode can best be described as cringe-worthy, it was Gemma’s understated sadism that was the most interesting. She had no problem mothering the Asian watchdog before serving him up to SAMCRO, knowing that he had nothing to do with Tara’s death but having him mutilated anyway, just so that she could continue to do what she has been best known for on the series… saving herself.

3. Juice has undergone the most development in the last two seasons. Once the club’s most annoying member, he is now a tortured loner. One who has nowhere to go. The most dangerous man in the world is the one who has nothing to lose and that is clearly Juice. The fact that he has Unser as his hostage is as comical as it is scary.

4. Jimmy Smits is still my favourite actor on the series. He brings a reasoned levity that is sorely needed on the show and despite his ‘OG’ status, he is still easily the most level-headed.

5. There is no doubt that this season will ultimately result in Jax killing Gemma. That isn’t based on any spoiler information, but the relationship between Jax and his mom is almost certainly the one that will be at the forefront of the show’s final run. I am not sure how I feel about this. I would prefer seeing someone else ascend to power within the Club. Instead, I am gearing up for Jax or Gemma’s inevitable death.

6. This premiere episode was interesting in the sense that it moved the storyline along while also still moving at a slow place, allowing fans to savour every second of the show’s return. I am not sure if this was done intentionally, and while the entire season was set up, I still feel like everything was moving very slowly.

7. How great was the “Bohemian Rhapsody “ cover to end the show? The music is one of my favourite things about Sons of Anarchy.

8. I absolutely love Lyla Winston, and I would love to see her hook up with Jax. She is one of the show’s best characters and Winter Ave Zoli is one of the show’s best actresses.

9. The scene with the pastors was pretty strange.

10. How happy are you that this show is back?