Bachelor In Paradise News: Chris Harrison Reveals What He Would Like To See Changed Next Season

In a recent interview with, Chris Harrison revealed what he would like to see changed in the show’s newly-announced second season.

TVGuide: Anything you’d like to change for Season 2?
Chris Harrison: Hopefully we won’t mess with it too much. The one thing I loved was [not having] the game element. The people who came in to play immediately lost because there was nothing at stake other than trying to be sincere, and all of those people who weren’t came off so flat, exactly how they are: insincere, rude. The only person they cheated was themselves. Ben, Kovacs and Lucy came off like they are and hopefully those people got a good look in the mirror. I also loved the final twist that everyone was waiting for wasn’t a twist at all. I put the onus on them and we didn’t have to force any situations, we left it up to them to figure it out for themselves.

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