Bachelor In Paradise News: Paradise 2 Confirmed, First Cast Member Already On Board?

ABC wasted no time in announcing that Bachelor In Paradise has been renewed for a second season.

TVGuide caught up with the show’s host to get his take on the new season and in the interview, Chris Harrison also revealed who he would most like to see on the next edition.

TVGuide: Congrats on Season 2! Were you pretty sure it would happen?
Chris Harrison: We were pretty confident, but usually it’s understood but [not necessarily] written in stone until much later. To have a show picked up for next June is an insane vote of confidence from ABC and to have that much lead time will give us the ability to work for 10 months on location, cast … so it’ll be a much better show. It’s really amazing to have three prime-time shows successfully rolling out. That’s insane — not only 12 or 13 years in to be even more popular and socially relevant than the day we started, but to be expanding and growing is unprecedented.

TVGuide: Any dream cast member for next season?
Chris Harrison: If he’s still single I’d like to see Brooks back for longer. I think he’s a sincere, good guy and I think fans would like to see him give it a shot. We were a little bit selfish in our casting with people like Jackie and Lacy who were people we really liked, but for some reason fell through the cracks and we thought they’d go far in the show and didn’t. I like the fact that we can take people we like and give them another shot.

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