The Leftovers Spoilers: With No Book To Base Storylines Off Of, Sophomore Season Promises To Push Envelope

The Leftovers finished off its first season with one of its strongest episodes to date.

In a recent interview, Carrie Coon revealed details about what to expect when the show returns and there is no script to follow as the first season ended in the same place that the book did.

“There’s no template for what’s coming, which is thrilling,” Coon said to TVLine. “And, sure, terrifying. I hope I get to keep doing the show. [The actors’ contract options are] not officially picked up yet. It’s still in that process. But, yeah, it’s terrifying. You want to keep making something good. But I also trust them. They’re making bold choices. I’d rather make controversial art than something everybody loves. The worst kind of art to make is the kind where people walk out of the theater or turn off the TV and say, “What’s for dinner?””