Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Raw Season Premiere Features Two Huge Matches, Cena/Heyman Promo Gold, Filler

WWE kicked off the fall season with Monday Night Raw last night, featuring two huge marquee matchups and a compelling John Cena/Paul Heyman segment.

What did the Pulse Wrestling staff think of the show?

Justin Czerwonka

I thought overall the positives of this show outweighed the negatives. The first two hours of the show were good but the final hour killed it from being a very good RAW. One good match to start the night and a couple of other good things help give this RAW a 6.

Matthew Harrak

A good show with a very good main event and angle to close the show. Unfortunately I definitely found myself checking my watch more than once when we hit the 3rd hour. Which sucks considering how hard Reigns, Orton and Rollins worked to close out the show. There was just too much on this show that could have been shortened or eliminated completely. It was just another show to fall victim to the 3-hour format.


This was a great 2 hour show spread across three hours. It’s a shame in the 3 hour era that even shows with great matches and segments have so much filler. The opening cage match between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho was really strong, as was the main event between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. The end of that match and angle, with the heels going over strong, was also a great ending. I also really liked the interplay between John Cena and Paul Heyman. The rest was pretty weak and forgettable, and there was one stretch with Jerry Springer and Bellas and Goldust/Stardust that totally dragged the show down. Overall a much better show than last week.

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