Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Why Did Jax Believe His Mother About Who Killed Tara? Gemma’s “Discussion” With Tara Explained

Last night’s Sons of Anarchy has set the internet abuzz with speculation about what is going to happen next.

In a recent interview with, the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter discussed Jax decision to believe his mother when she lied about the Chinese gang member killing Tara (instead of her).

“At that point, there’s no reason why he would have any doubt, or any reason to believe that she was responsible [for Tara’s death],” Sutter said. “And the fact that she actually identifies a specific guy is ultimately the thing that convinces Jax. And, remember, it was Tara and Eli who were killed — could Gemma have pulled off both of those? And [from Jax’s POV], Gemma didn’t really know anything about the war with the Chinese in order to make up that lie. It was Juice that gave her all that information, that she then fed to Jax. That all made it implausible for it to be manufactured by Gemma. Obviously, as the audience, we know it’s because Gemma had a partner. Therein lies the blood bond between Gemma and Juice.”

The showrunner also discussed the motivations behind Gemma “talking” to Tara in the kitchen.

“It came out in the writing, and I’m sort of going with it. [Laughs] In a lot of episodes [this season], she has this continuing dialogue with Tara. In her mind, it’s her way of exorcising that guilt. It’s as if Tara understands and has forgiven her. In Episode 2 or 3, she’s having a dialogue with her in the car about the kids and private school – it’s as if she needs to have this conversation to continuously remind herself that what she did was ultimately an accident and that Tara would have forgiven her or understood. It’s kind of weird. And I love the way Katey [Sagal] is playing it, which is very simple and not, “I’m a crazy lady and I’m freaking out.” It’s as if you expect to turn around and see [Tara] there. It’s obviously showing the seams are somewhat busting on Gemma.”

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