DVD Review: Brothers of Destruction (Kane’s & Undertaker’s Greatest Matches)


Brothers Of Destruction Review


The Undertaker and Kane have a storied lineage in the WWE on their own. Kane has been a dominant demon for 12 years while The Undertaker (in one shape or another) has been the WWE’s soul for a staggering 24 years! But this DVD isn’t about their World Championship wins or their memorable battles with WWE Hall Of Famers. This DVD focus on the Brothers Of Destruction when they WERE on the same page & not trying to destroy one another. Instead they joined together to destroy their fellow members of the WWE.

WWF World Tag Team Championship No DQ Match

Edge & Christian (w/Rhyno) (c) versus The Brothers Of Destruction

Starting off the DVD is something you wouldn’t expect from a new WWE release, a masked Kane teaming up with the “biker” persona of The Undertaker. The “biker” persona was a big part of the WWE in the early 2000s but we don’t usually get to see much of the non-supernatural Undertaker & its pretty refreshing. While this match took place on SmackDown and not a pay-per-view, it was just the beginning of the Brothers taking over the WWE as they defeated 5 men to win the Tag Team Championships for the first time ever.

Tables Match

The Brothers Of Destruction versus The Dudley Boyz

While this match takes place during the Alliance Invasion, The Undertaker and Kane had developed a bit more chemistry as a team as they faced one of the most decorated tag teams in history, The Dudley Boyz. The Dudleys dominated most of their signature match before they tried to attack Undertaker’s wife at the time, Sara, and paid for it when The Undertaker chokeslam Buh-Buh Ray through a table for the win.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire (c) versus The Brothers Of Destruction

I didn’t think it would be hard to watch a Sean O’Haire match but he was just so good in the ring and so athletic with definitely the right look for a professional wrestler. While its sad that O’Haire never lived up to his full potential, it doesn’t hold a candle to how he was lost at still a young age of 43.

Finally we get to see The Brothers of Destruction in a normal tag team match where we’re able to see the natural chemistry Kane & Undertaker developed as a team in a relatively short time. Even for a SmackDown match, this one was pretty short although it was a nice setup for the next match on the DVD.

Title For Title Steel Cage Match For The WWF & WCW World Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam 2001 

  Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page (WWF c) versus The Brothers Of Destruction (WCW c)

The first pay-per-view match on the DVD is ironically one of the few memorable matches of Diamond Dallas Page’s WWF career. This is the climax of The Undertaker/DDP feud that involved Page stalking The Undertaker’s wife at the time, Sara. The match itself is less of a competitive match than the glorified destruction of Diamond Dallas Page at the hands of The Undertaker.


The DVD here jumps ahead 5 years after the Brothers went their separate ways and reunited in 2006. Now Kane has been unmasked & The Undertaker has re-embraced “The Deadman”.


MVP & Mr. Kennedy versus The Brothers Of Destruction

THIS is The Undertaker that history will remember. Black coat, black hat, gloves and a demon on his tights. Although the match ended in a double-countout, the main stories were between MVP/Kane and Undertaker/Kennedy but it was a nice peek at what the “new” Brothers Of Destruction can do.

Mark Henry & Big Daddy V (w/Matt Striker) versus The Brothers Of Destruction

A match from a SmackDown episode from 2008 features the versions of Kane & The Undertaker that we all recognize today. Match the two gigantic Brothers against “The World’s Strongest Man” & the near-500 pound Big Daddy V and you have a match of titans. And a match that showed The Brothers Of Destruction in their most vulnerable as a tag team. But yet The Undertaker & Kane still overcome that mass of humanity to secure the win.

John Morrison & The Miz versus The Brothers Of Destruction

And finally in one of the last times The Brothers Of Destruction were able to compete together, the ECW World Champion Kane & the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker faced the World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz on an episode of ECW TV. The young Miz and Morrison were essentially fodder for The Brothers Of Destruction’s greatest hits. While obviously not the biggest match of their careers, Kane & The Undertaker ended their time together with a win that only The Brothers Of Destruction could accomplish. Plus they ended the night (and DVD) both holding up World Championships once again showcasing their success.


While only 7 matches long, this DVD is only one of the few new releases that the WWE has produced that featured the “biker” Undertaker during his dominance. If you’re a fan of that persona or The Brothers Of Destruction in general, “The Brothers of Destruction (Kane’s & Undertaker’s Greatest Matches)” is an easy buy to relive the destruction these two future Hall Of Famers caused while on the same side.

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