War Of Words Between Michael Bisping & Luke Rockhold Continues Ahead Of November Fight

The biggest bet in Australian combat history takes shape on November 8 when Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping finally meet at UFC Fight Sydney.

Luke Rockhold has wagered his entire $100,000 purse on being able to knock out his opponent in the first round, which would put an exclamation point at the end of his two-year feud with Michael Bisping.

The fighters arrived in yesterday to promote the fight and Rockhold quickly made the intentions of his bet clear.

“And unless I knock him out, I lose,” Rockhold said. “Bisping can run from me the entire first round if he likes — if I don’t knock him out, I lose.”

The Brit didn’t seem to take the challenge seriously continuing to criticize the American for a recent Instagram photo he posted with what appeared to be a tranquillised tiger.

“I certainly don’t like guys that go out and molest tigers while they’re under the influence of tranquillisers,” Bisping said.

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Source: News.com.au