Wilbur! Mister Ed gets complete set before Christmas

Seems a few ponies will be getting their wish on December 9 when Mister Ed: The Complete Series gets released. The longest running show featuring a talking horse has had a bumpy release pattern over the last decade. MGM put out two compilation collection. Five years later, Shout! Factory put out the first three seasons to all retailers. The fourth and fifth season were part of Shout! Factory’s Select program so you had to order directly from them. The sixth season, which was only 13 episodes, remained trapped in the barn. Now all six seasons featuring 143 episodes will be joined together. There’s no news of extras. The discs might have the interviews with stars Alan Young and Connie Hines, their commentary track for the pilot episode and the original car commercials that were on the season sets. The dream bonus feature would be Clint Eastwood sitting down for an interview about his time hanging around the stable with Mister Ed. Mister Ed continues to entertain with his horse sense. Here’s a picture of the cover art for the boxset: