Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Cody Decides Not To Use POV, Derrick & Caleb Debate Whether To Warn Frankie He Is Leaving In Advance

The writing is on the wall for Frankie to be sent home tomorrow night after Cody won the Power of Veto.

Yesterday, Frankie started the day by planning his speech at the veto ceremony. He planned to tell Cody that when he won the veto last week, he didn’t use it on Cody and that if Cody used the veto on him, it would mean that Derrick would have to go on the block. Frankie then planned to tell Cody that he has done a lot for him and that it was time for Cody to start reciprocating.

Caleb and Derrick talked and said that they are now less than a week away from walking out of the house and getting back to real life. Caleb said that 2/3 of them would be in the Final 2. Caleb said that if it was Derrick & Cody, he would certainly win the $25,000 prize as America’s Favorite Houseguest. Hilariously, Derrick told Caleb that he should predict the winner before Julie announces it. Caleb said that he could start walking to accept the prize only to find out that it was actually Frankie. While Derrick told Caleb that he would likely be named the winner, Caleb expressed concerned about the teenyboppers who would vote for Frankie because of his sister.

The veto ceremony took place and Cody chose not to use the POV. As a result, either Frankie or Victoria will be evicted tomorrow night.

Caleb told Derrick about his talk with Frankie on Saturday where Frankie told him that Derrick has played the perfect social game and that he is trying to make people think that nobody will vote for him to ensure that all of the remaining players take him to the end. When Victoria interrupted them, Derrick said that the reason they will be sending Frankie to the jury house is because he talks too much. Caleb told the cop that Frankie was obsessed with the fact that he had never been on the block. Caleb told Derrick and Victoria that he told Frankie that he was safe. The guys told Victoria not to campaign because she was 100% safe.

Frankie then pulled Caleb aside and said that he wanted to have the guys meet and voice any issues they have about moving to the Final 4 as a unit. Frankie said that he had worked too hard to be sent home now.

Derrick and Caleb finished up their discussion from earlier. Derrick told Caleb that because he hadn’t done anything negative in the house, Frankie’s only argument to turn everyone against him was to argue how nice he is and what a threat he would be if he made it to the Final 2. Derrick no longer wanted to give Frankie an advance warning that he was being sent home. Caleb said that even with him not having a vote as he is the HOH, he supports the decision that Derrick and Cody are making.

Victoria talked to Caleb briefly and then immediately ran to Derrick to let him know that Caleb would still vote for him in the F2 over Cody.

At approximately 8 PM, Big Brother told the houseguests that they would need to be awake by 9 AM tomorrow (they aren’t aware the eviction is being taped early).