Forever Heel’s Raw Heel Rundown: Randy Orton Proves He’s Not Always a Brooding Tool.

I wanted to start by wishing Sean O’Haire good luck on his new journey. I covered his evil life coach gimmick in an old Forever Heel profile. Just the promos for this gimmick made O’Haire bigger than Jesus. Since he was going to be a big heel on the SmackDown, WWE decided to début him as a face, and take him off tv for a few weeks. Heel Sean O’Hare finally re-debuted as a generic heel and protegé of Roddy Piper. He was also going to be a big player in WCW before it folded. He’d be great sparring with Cena about what’s really inspiring.

I saw Raw this week and wanted to comment seriously about the heels. They did pretty good this week, despite having no Bo.  Raw could really use Johnny B. Badd. I mean the Little Richard version from the early 90’s. Bill Watts must have loved that gimmick?

Raw Heel Rundown

Miz is doing great in his program with Dolph. I actually care about this feud and title now. I also think Sandow carved out a nice place for himself. I’m sure Damien will get attacked by Miz. Hopefully after that Sandow will stay heel. I know he deserves a bigger singles push, but so did Val Venis, and Lance Storm. Getting back to the Miz, I really enjoy his Hollywood gimmick, and hope it leads to a funny bit with the Rock.

Did you know King is still on Raw? He is, and he’s proving he can’t stay in his chair during the Russian national anthem. Is Vince afraid of Lawler? Why isn’t King ever fired? I still love Jerry, but it seems WWE never f’ with him? Oh and JBL hates The Bunny.

Paul Heyman’s promo, with Cena proves not even Paul can carry Cena all the time. Cena launched into another bs promo about how a heel turn would only be enjoyed by seven IWC guys. He then blathers on about kids liking him, and how dads respect him. Cena even made up some story about how a soldier gave his Purple Heart to Cena. The poor guy was inspired by Cena to get better. I was hoping Bo Dallas was going to come out, but instead Cena bullied Heyman into a match for next week. I could be watching Nitro.

I was stunned to discover that Cesaro, Sheamus, and the USA Belt are still in the WWE. I hate Cesaro’s music and his dumb robes, and “The King of Swing”, name is really stupid. Sheamus seems to have received  Barrett’s old street brawler gimmick, and he’s not supposed to talk? Also why is he wearing orange, wouldn’t a guy from North Ireland be a heel? He could help Paige, and Barrett as a U.K.’er. Hopefully the blow off for this feud is that the US Title will blowup, and Cesaro, and Sheamus are given a WWE film career. It could be called “Fella and Murse”, two cops yada yada yada.

I sped through the Jerry Springer segment, but it looked funny. I’m rooting for both Bellas because they both seem to be heels. I have to say that JJ Bella’s pants and loafers are ridiculous, and his jacket fit like he was channeling Pee-Wee Herman.

I’m getting paranoid that WWE is changing the colors of their ropes throughout Raw, just to mess with me?

Orton had promised that he was going to make an impact on Raw, and he did. He had the ring crew bring down the cage, around he and Reigns. Orton, Kane, and Seth Rollins then beat down Roman Reigns. Reigns tried to beat them all up a few times, but Orton friggin owned him, like Kobe owns his chair.

Heel of the Week: Randy “The Ram” Orton.

Top 5 guys that shouldn’t be at your wedding

5) Stephanie McMahon

4) Triple H

3) Kane

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