Luke Rockhold Says Michael Bisping Backed Out Of Bet To Wager Fight Each Other’s Fight Purse Based On Who Knocks Out Who In First Round

By now, much has been written about Luke Rockhold challenging Michael Bisping to wager their entire fight purses based on who knocks out who in the first round of their upcoming fight at UFC Fight Night 55.

Now, Rockhold claims Bisping has backed out of the deal.

“[Bisping] backed out of that,” Rockhold said to reporters at an advance Fight Night 55 press conference in Sydney over the weekend. “He said it was…a bad example for your son, is that what I heard through the grapevine?”

As you just knew he would, Bisping immediately fired back.

“Here’s the thing, I’ve never been finished in one round in my life,” Bisping said. “And when I beat you, I don’t want you to have the excuse that, ‘oh, I was going all out in the first round so I could finish you because I wanted to win this bet.’ Obviously, if you look at me and you look at Luke you can clearly see that Luke needs the money. I dress in the fanciest clothes, Luke…Luke you’re supposed to wear a suit here, it’s a press conference.

“Incidentally, I get paid four or five times more than you. There’s a reason why that is. Perhaps I will donate you some money to got out and buy yourself a suit when I kick your ass on Nov. 8.”

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