Smark Rant: WWE NXT Takeover Fatal 4-Way results and analysis


WWE’s developmental brand NXT presented its third “special event” of the year last night with Takeover (not to be confused with Takeover three months ago) and although I’ve stopped watching the weekly NXT show, the live special intrigued me enough to give it a look. Although it was a generally strong show compared to the hit-or-miss weekly TV of the main roster, it was also clearly the weakest of the three NXT specials thus far and in some ways highlighted a lot of the weaknesses that the show has been suffering from since a major change in production months back. For those not aware, the NXT weekly show used to be produced by legendary booker Dusty Rhodes, but with the advent of the WWE Network the format shifted to something more like the main shows, with writers under the supervision of Paul “HHH” Levesque. Contine Reading…

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