Gilbert Melendez & Eddie Alvarez Trade Words; Fight Appears Imminent

For years, Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez have trashed each other.

With Alvarez finally under UFC contract, it appears the time for talking is over as the two will undoubtedly meet (after their next matches of course). That, however, doesn’t mean the two fighters can’t continue talking.

With Alvarez set to make his UFC debut in the co-main event at UFC 178 on September 27 against Donald Cerrone, Melendez seems just as unphased as when he did when Alvarez wasn’t in the company.

“I feel he’s fallen off the past couple years, to be honest,” Melendez recently told reporters. “Maybe our paths will cross now. And I’m so not scared at all if that’s the case.”

When told about Melendez’s comments, Alvarez couldn’t resist returning fire.

“Oh, is that what he thinks?” Alvarez told “Tell you what, I think Diego Sanchez must have really landed good with those uppercuts when they fought last year, if that’s the case. He must still be feeling them.”

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