JR Blog: Ric Flair, HHH/Developmental, Critical of WWE Talent

What’s Good Ole JR have to say?

Jim Ross checked in with a new blog entry, here are some of the highlights:

on Ric Flair
Heard Ric Flair was in the hospital for some minor surgeries IE not considered life threatening. I’ve been told that Ric’s issues were kidney related but that is merely a ‘source says’ matter and speculation but which might indicate a kidney stone issue or something of that nature. Nonetheless, I hope Ric gets better soon. I haven’t talked to him in months but still have great memories of our time on the road together.

on HHH/Developmental
Nice to read where HHH is endorsing WWE finding star level NFL players to integrate into the WWE. I’ve been suggesting that for years and I hope that HHH can make it happen but it won’t be easy based on entry level, WWE pay. Same goes for major college football players who are younger and more affordable than NFL vets and whose backgrounds can be vetted thoroughly as well. Obviously, one wants to find athletes from this world who are fans and have the aptitude for the business.

on Criticizing WWE talents for not promoting WWE Network
Still don’t get why more WWE Superstars don’t tweet what they are enjoying on the Network on a regular basis. Many young talents can learn from watching some of the great stars from the past as it’s like being able to take a college course online.

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