Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E1 – “Eggs Over Freezing”

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– Nice job leading off this season with a recap of WrestleMania 30. It gives the viewer a reasonable timeline of where this season picks up.

– Since when did lingerie become suitable for ANY sort of family invitation?

– It’s really cool to see Rosa Mendes clean and sober but Nattie’s right. It’s all about suits and conservation dresses when backstage at the “Corporation” even when they encourage racy when on TV.

– “Would marriage be enough for you?” – That definitely sounds like an ultimatum.

– You know you’re a veteran when you can flat-out say that you should get a Divas Title match to a top executive. Nice work, Natalya.

– I like how Nikki dropped the bomb about freezing her eggs in the middle of a family dinner. Wonder if that was just a snap decision because everyone else at the table was talking about kids.

– Eva Marie has sold her husband out to her family in every instance we’ve seen on this show. At least he recognizes it and called her out on it too.

– HA! EVERYTHING the doctor said is the complete opposite of what a pro-wrestler does to relax. Actually she can’t even do her job because one bump will may knock her silly.

– OK… John Cena’s house is so big that Nikki can get BLOOD DRAWN in a different wing of the house and Cena would never know? No wonder he likes the phrase “You Can’t See Me!”… OK that was awful but it was just too easy to pass up.

– As nice of a visual that may be, walking into your hotel room to a naked Rosa would be a little off-putting.

– Wait, what IS the big deal? Aren’t they IDENTICAL twins?

– 10 days with no sex, no drinking and no wrestling… and John Cena’s not supposed to notice any of that?

– If someone is that dedicated to his spiritual beliefs, Eva Marie shouldn’t even suggest conversion. And he’s right, I wouldn’t respect someone who would change their entire belief foundation on a whim.

– That wasn’t a bad match at all from what I saw. Especially for Rosa’s first match in a damn year.

– Ohhh shit…

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