Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E2 – “Mo’ Marriage, Mo’ Problems”

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– I thought John Cena handled that rather well. I can tell you right now that he’s just pissed about the lying.

– “You mean how I have sex for kickpads?” – Awesome line from Bryan.

– Rosa Mendes is definitely a nice addition. At least visually.

– I know Trinity is trying to make Cameron feel better but what she’s saying is quite possible. Diesel was Shawn Michaels “bodyguard” and ended up winning the WWF Championship first. Cameron ABSOLUTELY needs a ton of training but this will at least keep her on TV.

– “Happy wife, happy life.” – Bad, bad, bad line.

– Holy Shit! Daniel Bryan stood up for himself! Awesome!

– Seeeee it WAS the lie!

– Woah look at someone actually saying something bad about Cena on television. We’re in uncharted territory here now, folks.

– God, can you imagine going to the doctor and him telling you that you need emergency neck surgery? I’ve had something similar happen to me numerous times but never neck surgery!

– Never would have thought that Daniel Bryan didn’t have a downside guarantee but you have to figure that his current contract was probably signed WAY before he became so popular.

– Ohhhh Cameron will have regrets but I guess hindsight is always 20/20 or whatever.

– I get both sides of the Funkadactyls opinions. Naomi is right at the beginning at her first big push and she wouldn’t have that chance without the Funkadactyls. And yet Cameron’s career has taken a dive and her best option at that point WAS probably NXT, even if she didn’t make it back to the main roster. You know she didn’t want to be the next Aksana.

– Awesome turnaround from Cena. It’s always weird to see that he really is the Superman (at least when it comes to being an incredible human being) that’s so similar to what he plays on TV.

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