Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Go Home Raw Features John Cena/Brock Lesnar Fight

The final Monday Night Raw before Night of Champions 2014 hit the air last night, with some big angles to flesh out the card and build for the event.

With that said, how did WWE do in this pivotal show?

Justin Czerwonka

The WWE did a bad job of selling Night of Champions to people. I know they really don’t have to with the Network now. But some people might look at Night of Champions now and not even feel like turning it on, opting to turn on football instead. The best final push came with the WWE Title match, and even that wasn’t anything great. Nothing about this show made NOC seem like must see. The wrestling was okay but nothing of consequence happened on this show. The WWE is in there down period now, and they badly need a shake-up after Night of Champions to give the product a boost. The show gets a 2 from me.

Matthew Harrak

That was actually a pretty good segment to sell the main event at Night of Champions. It showed that Lesnar can still be immediately dominant if he doesn’t showboat. And it showed that Cena can contend in the match by exploiting Lesnar’s mistakes. SummerSlam was a match so different from anything we’ve ever seen in a World Heavyweight Championship match I’m interested to see what they come up with Sunday.


WWE finishes up the Summerslam to Night of Champions period with another underwhelming Raw. The Cena/Lesnar feud is DOA – the fans loved the Lesnar win and this rematch is appealing to very few fans. The rest of the NOC card is mainly a joke, and Raw has been supporting that notion. Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins was a good match but didn’t have great heat and seemed to ruin the PPV match by having Roman win clean. The positive is that Brock showed some ass in the segment with Cena, so hopefully that will mean he will retain and look strong at the PPV. However, Raw was weak and tepid and WWE is as cold as its ever been heading into the PPV.

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