Smark Preview of WWE Night of Champions 2014 PPV

Welcome once again to the most magical time of the year, the post-Summerslam lull when every wrestling fan in America tunes out for football until January! Last year we were gifted with three months of Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton matches with terrible finishes, but this year at least we’re getting a rematch of one of the biggest matches in a long time. This was actually supposed to be the HUGE show that compelled everyone to renew their WWE Network subscription, but the reality has been a series of lackluster RAW shows and really only one match of any importance. As a business strategy, I’ve seen better.

But I’m here to break down the show and tell you where to bet your hard-earned money, should you indulge in that sort of thing. And hey, at least the main event should be good. As always, keep in mind that these odds and predictions are strictly for fun, and I can’t be held liable for anyone dumb enough to lose money betting on pro wrestling. I’ve actually included the real betting odds this time for reference. Continue Reading

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