Interesting New Insight On TNA/AJ Styles Contract Negotiations

Why did AJ and TNA split?

Throughout the last year or so, TNA Wrestling has been shedding almost all of its high priced wrestlers, starting with Hulk Hogan and Sting and right down the line.

Early in the year, TNA stalwart AJ Styles left the company, even after a sustained push as the top face in the company.

Little was known about the details of the negotiations, other than that TNA offered less than AJ expected. In a recent interview, Styles confirmed that it was about a 40% pay cut over what he had been making.

Said Styles:
It was insulting

Dixie Carter on losing AJ:
I hate that we lost AJ… I hate it. I felt like we gave him a great offer. I really did. I felt like we gave him a great offer and I think he made a mistake.

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