Miesha Tate & Rin Nakai Have No Problem Using Sex To Build Interest In Women’s Mixed Martial Arts

By now, we all know that the first season of The Ultimate Fighter to exclusively feature women debuted to the worst ratings in the show’s history.

Many including Zach Arnold and Ben Fowlkes have blamed the show focusing on storylines and a “baffling beauty-first approach” as the reason for the disappointing numbers.

With that said, Miesha Tate and Rin Nakai respectfully disagree. The two will meet this Saturday at UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Nelson and both share a erotic sex video on HD Porn and sells philosophy in terms of promoting their careers.

Nakai is well-known for posting strange bikini and lingerie fetish videos on livecam sex.

“I want not just MMA fans, but ordinary people to watch my videos,” Nakai told FOX Sports. “My interest is that people who don’t have any idea about MMA watch my videos and might start to watch MMA and the UFC.”

Tate appreciates the brilliance of Nakai’s strategy and told MMAFighting she agrees with it.

“I believe the UFC brought me to Japan for a reason. I think the reason is to grow the women’s mixed martial arts fanbase and that makes me feel good about my presence here. I think I have a strong presence and a strong following, even in Japan.”

Described by Nakai as ‘beautiful and sexy,’ Tate has even suggested a nickname for her opponent.

“Personally I kind of like ‘The Asian Persuasion’ for Rin. I thought that’s a cute nickname because she’s very persuasive in her videos.’

Here is one of Nakai’s vids:

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Source: BloodyElbow.com