Forever Heel Apologizes For WCW Leadership…Again.

So apparently CM Punk is a little bitch according to all the FB marks. I doubt that a guy that’s been beating himself up and racking up injuries for the last ten years is a bitch. He also doesn’t use painkillers ever. CM had a fractured skull and no painkillers. To me a guy that left WWE because he was injured is not a bitch. WWE should quit with this breach of contract crap, and give Phil his royalties. WWE doesn’t need to be so vindictive? Hopefully the desire to f’ with people and get back at others will die with Vince?

I thought I’d do a list of bookers, promoters, creative guys, and guys at the top that aren’t seen in a good light in today’s time, and state their positive contributions. Obviously Vince McMahon, and Paul Heyman won’t be on this list because both men are confirmed geniuses according to most wrestle geeks. This list is in no particular order because I wouldn’t know who is the best, or worst. Let’s start…

1) Jim Herd
This is the guy that caused Ric Flair to leave WCW while Ric was still WCW’s world champ. That alone is a feet of sheer incompetence. We all know about Herd being a regional manager for a pizza company, and his supposed suggestions for “The Ding Dongs”, and a tag team with humps on their backs (Their humps would’ve made sure you couldn’t pin their shoulders to the mat). I don’t know how much of this was Dusty Rhodes, and how much was really Jim Herd. Dusty Bullsh*ts a lot and isn’t shy about blaming the guy closest to him. Herd was head of WCW during one of WCW’s biggest angles, involving Sting, Muta, Funk, and Flair. Herd was also a formal manager for a local tv station and had a background with pro-wrestling, as far as the tv side. Herd seemed to be taking a “hands off” approach when he took over WCW in 1988. It wasn’t hard to do since the big feud between Flair and Steamboat didn’t need any tweaking. The dues between Terry Funk and Flair was popular but violent. The execs at Turner didn’t care, they wanted things like Funk putting a plastic bag over Flair’s head to stop. Herd would then prove that these great WCW angles happened in spite of of Herd’s leadership. I’m putting Herd here because he allowed bookers, and talent to experiment. He was in leadership when WCW was showing that they were not just kid’s stuff. Herd let that happen, and then he completely went in the other direction toward cartoony gimmicks, and is known as WCW’s worst company head.

2) Vince Russo

Today Russo is blamed for everything. Russo takes credit for everything also. I’ve heard many complain that he nearly killed WWE in the late 90’s, and actually killed WCW, and he’ll probably be blamed for TNA’s worst times. This is all unfair criticism. Russo was loved by  the IWC in the late 90’s, and AOL killed WCW, and then Vince McMahon did it again. Russo’s ideas are usually good at first, but then his ADHD takes over. He is usually good with a partner to let him know when he’s gone too far. Russo and McMahon were great together, and ushered in the Attitude Era. When Russo went to WCW in late 1999, he actually brought up the ratings until he was ousted after the Souled Out fiasco. Russo’s positive attributes are his willingness to put over mid-carders, and give guys distinct gimmicks. He made Booker T WCW Champ, and was the only guy in WCW to use Bret Hart, and make Hart center of the company. He also pushed away guys like Hogan and Flair for a little while, so other guys could shine. Russo was also a big supporter of guys like Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Malenko. He was the only WCW head that actually looked to a future without Flair and Hogan. I know his negatives will always outweigh his positives, but like I said this is a positive list.

3) Eric Bischoff

This guy is probably firmly between whether his impact was positive or negative. Bischoff made WCW bigger than WWE for about 18 months. He did it by utilizing Ted Turner ‘s money to actually make money. He brought Hogan to finally face Ric Flair, and built the company around Hogan. Hogan was the biggest pro-wrestler then, it was a no-brainer that he’d be the center. Bischoff also began having more realistic storylines shortly after WCW Nitro debuted. He also came up with the biggest angle, faction, and swerve in pro-wrestling history. Don’t listen to Vince And Triple Paul when they say the NWO was just an invasion angle that Eric stole from Japan. Hell NWO Japan lasted until 2004. In actuality WWE ripped off a WCW angle when Vince McMahon became Mr McMahon. Bishoff also gave WCW an international feel. Theoretically there was always something for everyone. Eric Bischoff also proved to all the old-timers, that you didn’t need to be born around wrestling, or set foot in the ring to head a successful wrestling company. In a way he proved that pro-wrestling isn’t some strategic magical process, but a business that doesn’t need to rely on old Carney tricks. Under the Bischoff regime WCW ditched their southern branding, and looked polished. Guys like Michael Buffer would announce the main event, while guys like Denis Rodman would actually take part in matches. Also in the late 90’s WCW made it cool to like wrestling and wear wrestling shirts. Growing up in Los Angeles, being a wrestling fan was embarrassing to most, but now you wanted a black NWO shirt. People that didn’t watch wrestling began wearing NWO shirts. It makes you wonder if the NWO could survive as just a clothing label? We can thank Eric Bischoff for all this. Now who’s ready for a glass of grape WCW Splash?

As much as I love sticking up for WCW execs, I’ve found someone else that is even more fun to apologize for…

4) Dixie Carter

Probably the worst attempt at being the “evil boss” in pro-wrestling history. Dixie’s problems aren’t helped by the fact that pro-wrestling has a strong teen homophobic rape-prone vocal audience. I have many comments sent to me everyday that tell me that I’m a c*nt for supporting that dumb ho. In reality Dixie kept TNA on the air, and turned it into an international company. She also got rid of Planet Jarrett. Her biggest achievement is the openess TNA has with their fans. Dixie Carter herself has had question and answer sessions with fans. She even stays calm with the idiots that aggressively criticize her. Could you imagine WWE being that open? I’m not sure WWE can be that open? Carter is a wrestling fan herself, despite morons that claim she never watched a match before she took over TNA. That doesn’t matter. Dixie’s only real mistake was bringing in Hogan and Bischoff, and then listening to them. She doesn’t seem to mess with storylines, and allows talent to suggest ideas. She is even okay with a guy choosing his own name and gimmick. TNA has a low road schedule, unlike WWE’s killer calendar. Finally TNA tries to give fans what they want, and not just a parade of muscle heads that we are forced to like.

5) Bill Watts

The fourth WCW failure on this list, but the most respected. He was going to make money with WCW through cost cutting, and making talent appear as rough athletes that want to hurt someone. He also had some rules that were out-dated, and poorly thought out. Things like no going off the top rope, no mats outside the ring, and all wrestlers must wear wrestling attire. IRS, and Nailz wouldn’t be welcome. Watts attempted to bring WCW back the old school, and many fans welcomed that, but most didn’t. Still he took a risk. Watts’s biggest accomplishment was making Ron Simmons WCW’s first African-American World champion. Ironically Watts is also known for his racist views. Watts is a libertarian and believes that if a store owner doesn’t want a certain race in his store then they shouldn’t have to let them in. This isn’t exactly racist because I’ve heard Watts say he would never shop at a store that doesn’t welcome everyone. The other prejudices are Watts’s views toward Jews, and a few homophobic slurs. Watts is an old fart country boy who probably isn’t the biggest fan of the TLBGQ community. Also people were afraid of gays when he made these comments, back in the late 90’s. The anti-Semitic stuff has to do with Paul Heyman, and I’m not sure who really started that rumor. It’s not true though because Bill Watts’s close friend is Jim Ross, and we all know JR is a huge Jew.

Heel of the week is, Brock because by Sunday he will have killed Cena.

Top Guys with Horrible Table Manners…

5) Bushwackers

4) Wild Somoans

3)Bastion Booger

2) Eugene

1) Hornswaggle

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