Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Will Frozen Characters Stick To The Movie Script? Will Elsa Say ‘Let It Go?’

If you are a Frozen fan, you probably loved the news that Once Upon A Time is adding characters from the movie to this year’s plotline.

With that said, the question is whether the OUAT versions of the character will stick to the movie script and the show’s creators recently opened up about this topic.

“There are nods to it, but we haven’t yet scripted actually having her say ‘Let it go,'” executive producer Adam Horowitz told EW when asked whether Elsa will say her famous line.

“We’re trying to walk the line between what feels appropriate for our show or inappropriate,” Horowitz continued. “What we want to do is make loving nods to the movie and things that are iconic, but we don’t want to do it in a way where we’re making Elsa say catchphrases for the sake of it. We want it to feel organic to the show and also want gives fans of Frozen payoffs to the thing that they love most. Our hope is that if you watch, you’ll see that there are nods to many things from the movie as well.”


Source: EW.com