Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Discusses Survivor Importing Reality Contestants From Other Programs, Comments On Amazing Race Twinnies Joining This Year’s Cast

While other reality shows have cherrypicked certain contestants from other programs to include on theirs, Survivor has generally steered away from this philosophy. That changed a couple of seasons ago when Big Brother‘s Hayden Moss joined the show and will continue this season with the addition of Natalie and Nadiya Anderson from The Amazing Race.

In a recent interview with EW, Probst opened up about why the twins were chosen.

“I love the sisters,” Probst said. “I think they’re colorful. I like that they’re twins…. I’m guessing that having somebody that has your back all the time like a twin does, allows you be a little more aggressive in life, and maybe walk through a door that you wouldn’t walk through if you were alone. And if that assumption is true, then that means they have had a lot more life experiences at their age by virtue of being twins than they would have being not twins. And I think that’s big life experience.”

According to the show’s host, the fact that they are separated will also serve to benefit them both.

“Now that they’re separated, they’re not going to be annoying,” he continued. “They’re not going to be a threat. They don’t have a vote to each other. I actually think I would consider pairing with either one of them. I kind of find them fun to be around and if I’m going to be out here and be miserable, there are plenty of people on both those tribes I would get rid of before I would get rid of them just based on, you’re going to bug me.”

Survivor: Juan del Sur premieres on Sept. 24 at 8 PM on CBS