The Good Wife Spoilers: Who Will Die In Season 6?

After the unexpected death of Will Gardner on The Good Wife six months ago, you can forgive fans of The Good Wife if they no longer want to attach themselves to any characters for fear that they will be killed off.

With that said, they can heave a sign of relief. According to the show’s co-creator, no more major deaths are planned for the show’s sixth season.

“The show can’t keep killing people,” co-creator and executive producer Robert King told “One of the reasons the show got more acclaim sometimes was because of the surprises. Even though you want to be able to surprise the audience, I do think that’s a very low bar in many ways for a TV show. [It’s] much better to not just be ‘Oh my God’ moments, but to tell stories in an interesting way. So the pressure was only in just trying to shake up the system a bit because I do think one of the successes of the fifth season was we didn’t go to sleep.”