TNA News: Road Costs, Bound For Glory Ticket Sales, Hogan Costs, Dixie Quotes

When TNA went on the road in March 2013, the cost is reported to be about $600,000 for every set of TV tapings. Usually Impact would be live one week and tape the next week’s episode at the same time, so about $300,000 per episode.

Speaking of TNA expenses of the past, Hulk Hogan was reportedly getting $35,000 per TNA appearance. At one point, he was being used every week on TV for a monthly cost of more than six figures. Dixie arter recently commented in a Grantland interview:
I think having Hulk Hogan as part of your company can never be a bad thing… To me, it was a great investment.

Also in that piece, It was noted that Hogan did attended tapings regardless of whether he was booked or not, he sat in agents’ meetings.

Joey Ryan commented on Hogan’s role in TNA:
Hogan would seek me out to say hi to me and talk to me…h e didn’t have to. He would see how I was doing and if I needed anything, which was really cool and a dream come true. Obviously I grew up with him as my favorite [wrestler]. By the end of my TNA run I looked at him as more of my friend.

There was a report this past week that Tickets for Bound for Glory on 10/12 at Korakuen Hall were sold out, but Keiji Muto said that the reports of that being sold out were due to a computer glitch and tickets were still available.

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Source: Grantland